Text workarounds

So, I’m trying to do some text work, but I’m having issues…

I want to do multiline text to a Text(Ex9). I notice that I can’t send a spread from IO(String) to the Text node, or rather that it only reads one of them. So, I guess my question is, is there any way to either do this or emulate a linebreak in an IO(String) node so that I can get multiple lines of text, or am I stuck creating a new Text(E9) for each line?

Attached is the patch where I was playing around with this. As a funny side note, I left up the realtime azimuth of the moon like that in the middle of my screen for the entire set last night just to see if anyone would ask me what the deal was with the number… not a single person asked. Turns out, on goth night people pay way more attention to the visuals than on hiphop night. Heh.


txtplay.v4p (7.8 kB)

I wonder the same for some time now.

2 Workarounds I can think off…

  • Just make multiple Text (EX9.geometry) nodes… (not cool)

  • Make the text in a GDI renderer first and than use the GDITexture node, but that is also not so impressive. (as you can see)

txtplayGDI.v4p (4.1 kB)

yeah the text (ex9.geometry) node should output a spread of meshes.
the question is if each character should be a subset or definable string lengths. and their position in space (all at the same position to place them easily with spreaded values?)

making multiple text ex9 nodes has also the main problem that there is no node to join the meshes to one spread.so you have to build the whole graph for each text line! a “cons (mesh)” node is missing!

West: yeah, doing it through gdi is kind of limited, but the patch you sent back actually answered some other questions I was trying to figure out, so cheers, thanks ;>

electromeier: I like the idea of each member in the spread being a definiable string length, this would make word manipulation easy while still allowing per-letter work if needed. As for positioning, can we assume “0” being at some semi-arbitrary “what looks good for average text sentences” and work from there, or does that get us into territory like pipette where one node works different from everything else and is thus confusing?

I probably know just enough to be dangerous here, feel free to ignore my suggestions if I sound like an idiot.

hi all,
im a bloody vvvv-noob and was very glad to find elektromeier’s “Text (EX9 Monospaced)” for my application. but i have a problem:
in the 2d help-file everything works fine, in the 3d help file i have to choose the texture again before it works correctly. i have put the patch into the “modules” folder and attached it into my own patch but instead of the letters there only are white bars and even re-selecting the texture doesn’t cause anything. what can i do?!
thanks to you all, vvvv seems to be pretty cool and i love the comunity behind it, reama! (schleim .-))