Text to arduino lcd display

what is the easiest way to send a text to such a lcd display.
it is possible to use standardfirmata for this.


Hi, in theory this should be possible as StandardFirmata has support for I2C communication. In vvvv gamma/VL in beta there is an example in the help browser (F1) Firmata, I2C.

However this way you will have to implement the communication protocol of the LCD yourself. Something that the LiquidCrystal library does for you.

It might make more sense to use Firmata only to transfer strings (commands) and have the I2C code on the uC by using the LiquidCrystal functions in Firmata callbacks. Probably you’d be using Sysex as Firmata String communication doesn’t seem to be supported by vvvv (as of now).

This way you can define some basic Sysex commands like
0 - Clear
1 - SetText

And then use those from vvvv to update the display.

I have used a similar method (albeit not with Firmata and now looking at it I regret implementing my own protocol for it :D) for a TFT display with multiple string positions and it worked a treat from vvvv beta.

Hi, thanks for the answer.

I looked at the VVVV-helpfile for the I2CWrite. But I do not know if the Device Address, Register Address … is correct. In any case, I don’t get any output. I tested with the standard firmata.

With the arduino help patch from SunFounder (Hello World) I get an output. basically the dispaly works, the problem is the communication between the display and VVVV

has someone a recommendation for a different lsd display,
which is easy to implement.

Easiest LCD to use is going to be an extra computer monitor plugged into the pc running vvvv.

But let me reiterate, if you’re planning to use a lower level LCD display through an Arduino then the control will always be similar. As you’re saying, the Arduino example works without any issues - that is because you get wonderful libraries in the Arduino ecosystem that make communication with hardware such as this a walk in the park.

So what I’m saying is use that - the Arduino library - and just send letters to the Arduino (strings or bytes) from vvvv (which you want to use to generate the content) using Firmata.

This can be achieved by combining the Firmata and LCD Arduino examples. Yes, you may have to dive a little bit into C++ programming but believe me it will be worth it.

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