Text Size in patch window on win 7

Hi All

I have happily upgraded to win 7 64bit and really like it, most things run very fine, but i have come across some little annoyances when patching that I believe is related to some display resolution setting that I have not yet been able to locate in win7.

Generally everything looks fine, the minor annoyances are:

When I double click to make a new node, the text in the node is tiny, making it difficult to read.

When I open a patch made some place other than on this computer, the patch is larger than the window eg. the help files that used to have the patch nicely inside the window.

The inspektor is smaller than usual making not all the descriptive text appear. In the Renderer(EX9) I have 4 Windowed parameters and one windowed swap.

When I type in the descriptive name field of the Inspektor the text where I am typing dissapears untill I finish typing.

any ideas what could cause the behaviour?


Why do I often solve the problem right after having posted here?

I discovered that in the control panel Display The default setting was 125% which goes well with this high res laptop. when I set it to 100% and logged off and back on again the text fits the nodes and I suspect the patches also fit inside the the windows.

now is it possible to change the default text size in vvvv so that I won’t need my magnifying glass?

if not, this is a feature wish


+1, i’ve had this problem in 2008, here’s what was said at the time, and why it won’t be fixed in the near future. :-(

i can look up my dpi setting next time i boot into windows, i think i had found one where it’s not so bad. i learned to live with not seeing what i put into the descriptive name field, helps your typing skills ;)