Text(EX9) node

I do not know why but I install Beta22 today and the Text(EX9) node is missing.


sory for the confusion. true: the main vvvv_40beta22 download contains a version of the text plugin which needs slimdx-march-2009 installed.

if you install the addonpack_40beta22_02 though (which also contains the text plugin) you’ll need slimdx-august-2009 to run all the plugins.

The issue is not that Text(EX9) is not working. It doesn’t even appear in the menu. I see Text(EX9.Geometry) but not Text(EX9).

then you probably don’t have .net2.0 installed as is stated on the Downloads page?

you should also not see any of the other plugins:

  • Timeliner
  • Lindenmayer
  • Particles

You’re right. I can’t see Timeliner, Linden, …
In my Control Panel, i see that .net 2.0, .net 3.0 and .net 3.5 are installed (I’m on XP).
When I’m trying to install .net 2.0, an error appeared that say there is a conflict with other .net version.

Thanks a lot, the issue is on my side. I will fix that…