Text(ex9) node cant deal spreads?

Hi everyone.
I have a question about text(ex9)node.
I want to render multiple Strings (different words) with 1 text(ex9)nodes.

I connect like below

iobox(strings) - text(ex9) - GouraudDirectional(Effect) - Renderer(EX9).
But I can rendere only one strings.

Does text(ex9)node cant deal spreads?

sorry my bad English.


Does text(ex9)node cant deal spreads?

yes, this is still the bad news.

text(gdi) is spreadable, but you need to take some efforts to get the result to ex9, as the renderer (GDI) is also not spreadable - you would need to render all text elements next to each other and cut out the results with a texture transform.

but there were some approaches here on the wiki, which allowed composing text out of textures from the individual characters, which in theory can be made fully spreadable.

@Mr oschatz
Oh it’s a pity that.
But I found Text_(EX9_Monospaced).
it is really nice node!

anyway thx!!