Text (EX9 Metrics)

made some modifications to eles text (ex9 monospaced) module. as the name suggests it now deals with metrics.

the only problem, i’m sometimes getting nasty vvvv crashes changing the input strings. suppose it lies somewhere within the calculation for the positioning of each letter (top right side).
spent one week tracking it down, without success. maybe someone else finds the bug.

in case of a crash deleting the last + (value spectra) connected to the transform helps. still not reproducable this nasty bug…

http://vvvv.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1183Text (EX9 Metrics)_v1.zip (134.91 Kb)

thats a crazy crash.
never had one like this.

Wow, how did you pul that off?? I rememembered we where working with a non-monospace font, and we had a textfile for the width off the letter.

This is a patch that creates the picture for you: (my first, and most useless shader is in here)…

FontbuilderVVVV.zip (8.9 kB)

sorry, i just copy pasted the html link…now it should work

Writer (EX9. FontMap).zip (6.69 Kb)

Can’t download your attachment, but curious how you did it.

Ahh… now I see, need the font installed on your PC, indeed not the best thing. Electro came a long way with the not-monospaced font and a text/ini file. But I remembered him saying that performance wasn’t the best this way.

I think I just wait until he reads this…

ok, found the trouble-causing-thing… getspread was the mistkerl. repatched it with getslice and all works fine…

Text (EX9 Metrics)_v2.zip (5.77 Kb)