Text (EX9) looks bad in fullscreen

I’m starting to learn VVVV and after following the first “Hello World” tutorial I noticed that if I press “alt+enter” vvvv goes into fullscreen mode.

The problem is that the text looks reaaally bad. All aliased. I opened up the inspector and even changed the “Fullscreen Dimensions” and “Antialiasing” quality, but still looks bad. As if I took a 100x100px image and stretched it to full HD.

How to make it look good? Is that possible?
Thank you,

Try changing the size of the text. i was gonna suggest anti aliasing but you were on top of that.


Text Size.v4p (6.1 kB)

Ok! thanks a lot Hadasi.
Increasing the text size did it, but I’m wondering now how does the text size property work? The text actually doesn’t change size, but it seems to change the resolution. What if I want to make the text actually smaller? Let’s say 10 pixels in height? Do I need always to use a transform2D for that? Isn’t the “size” name a bit misleading?
Thanks once again,