Text (EX9) autowraps umlauts


When I use the Text (EX9) in Multiline-Autowrap, it sometimes wraps words right after the Umlaut. It seems they are treated as a whitespace. A german example is attached.

I tried with ANSI and UTF-8 but the problem remained. Is there a workaround?

Umlautbruch.v4p (3.2 kB)

hm, from your demo i cannot see or reproduce the problem you described. as the patch opens non of the umlauts are broken and even if i adjust the rectanlges width the wrapping always looks fine.

this is what the renderer shows for me:

test.rar (19.2 kB)

that is quite strange. this is how it looks for me:
https://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/Umlautbruch-DirectX Renderer_2010.07.19-18.42.23.jpg
(also the image upload works. what problem did you have there?)

this is with the arial font, tested on german and english win7. can anyone confirm guests problems?..i have no idea…

EDIT: both win7 tested are 64bit here as well.

btw, i used xp64 german, the font seems to be of no influence: same problem with arial and helvetica neue.

(just saw that there is a second upload thingy. nice)