Text (EX9) and Postscript Fonts

The Text (EX9) seems not to work with Postscript Fonts (.pfm Files).
Perhaps a character encoding issue, because the results are strange characters.

I can’t upload an example patch because Windows doesn’t have any default pfm Fonts. But have a look in your font folder, and if you find a font with a lowercase “a” icon, try to reproduce the bug/missing function by selecting this font on Text (EX9)

Can we expect this problem to be solved? A little unhandy, because especially bought fonts/fonts from clients tend to be in postscript format.

the text node uses directx’ builtin textrendering which does only seem to support truetype and opentype.

but the node is a plugin and you can find its source here:
maybe someone can have a look at it…

also it is probably possible to convert fonts with a tool like this

the tool is handy, unfortunately the created OpenType fonts don’t work with Text (EX9) (nothing is rendered at all), while other OpenType fonts do work with Text (EX9).
The CrossFont OpenType DOES work with Text (EX9.Geometry) . Kind of strange.

IFFFF you have access to a Mac, try FontXChange for PS to OTF/TTF and vice versa. Does work for me.

@phl: kurzer Dienstweg falls nötig.