Text and Alpha

Dear unc,

after you’ve magically solved this Blur And Alpha problem, here is another one.
I’m not sure if this one could be solved with shaders or one should write a plug-in for that.

It’s an old problem of the antialiased pixels of the Text (EX9) picking the color of the Renderer, even if this color has an Alpha set to 0.

Simple patch is below.

I’ve seen your Text (EX9.Texture Source), but unfortunately it’s not working anymore because of the Text (EX9.Geometry) and the /dx9ex.

And while we’re at it, a bit offtopic:
RenderTarget (EX9.Texture Source): is there some reason why the Background Color of the Renderer is not a pin of this module? And why the Alpha of this color is set to 1? (the default _Format _ is set to ‘A8R8G8B8’).

Thank you!
I hope this Text problem can be solved somehow. Fingers crossed.

Best wishes,

Text_And_Alpha.v4p (6.6 kB)

thommy and i have been discussing this topic for a week straight (alpha in renderpasses) without any success.

in the simple case you showed you could just have the background of the first renderpass the same color as your text.

if you going more colorfull and have a dynamicly changing background i’d also like to hear a feasible solution except for rendering the bg(colors of the second pass also into the first one…

Hi Woei,

yes, my question is in general, when the background is colorful, dynamic and is changing.
I’ve just reduced the patch as much as possible.