TexCoords - what is it for?

Hi, I wanted to know, what the TexCoords (EX9.TextureState) node is for and what nodes can be connected to it. Can’t figure it out… :(
I have the feeling, it might help me with my work, but I’m not sure yet.
Online reference isn’t much more explaining than the inspector and there is no help patch for it.

Any hints?

this one is only useful for rendering with the fixed function pipeline. if you have a graphics card which is capable of using shaders then using those shaders is quite more comprehensible than using this strange node.

if however you want to be able to render on an old machine with no shader capabilities then this is the node

  • to project textures and
  • to render cubemaps
    in conjunction with simple dx9 nodes like the quad.

however, still: don’t expect too much from this legacy node and don’t expect to be able to really understand what is happening. you are just switching some states without getting behind what’s really happening with your texturecoordinates. in most cases the driver will behave in a strange way because many combinations of values just don’t make any sense.

have a look at the “lobby” patch in the girlpower folder and compare it with the “color cube”, which makes use of a cubemap shader.