TEXCOORD in GS stream output problem

hello all!

recently i learned how to make geometry shaders with stream output and then reuse resulting geometry for several render passes. Also, in GS we can do very nice normal calculation per face. (all this i take from vuxes examples in dx11 girlpower)

but there is one problem, i cant get TEXCOORD to work,
if i try to pass it together with POSITION and NORMAL (as its shown on MSDN documantation), geometry all breaks down.

all i need just to pass TEXCOORD from original geometry to modified one.

Have anyone tried to do it and with any success?



can you send your code please. I think I know why.

still voodoo for me with TEXCOORD0
had same problem that layout is incorrect, but i did’t managed to get it correct on TEXCOORD…

just happened to discover that problem is in DX11 packs foe beta30, and in packs for beta31 there is an example where its all right with texcoords.

look into this one - updated dx 11

sphere with texture there

i guess the problem was that in first example there was no GS OUT declared, and modified data was written just in GS IN structure. maybe i m wrong, vux knows )))

but anyhow it works