Tex(EX9.Texture) Shared Texture


could it be that Text(EX9.Texture) doesn’t work with SharedTexture, or to be more precise there is no SharedHandle returned by the Info(EX9.Texture) node only 0.

Trying to use in a DX11 Project. Any work around? Or does somebody already has ported Text(EX9.Texture) to Text(DX11.Texture)?


indeed. textures returned by plugins cannot report their handle yet. as a workaround you can render the texture on a fullscreenquad and use that rendered textures handle.

Thanks but i would have needed the spreadable texture out.

But i discovered some more strange stuff with text and /dx9ex…

Somehow Text(EX9.Geometry) and Text(EX9.Texture Source) are not working with /dx9ex enabled.

Anybody knows why?

Text (EX9.Texture Source)is using Text (EX9.Geometry) internally which microsoft has disabled for /dx9ex.

Alllright that makes sense now.

Thank you.