Tex Coords

I want to use something like position in view space with textures, but its always half size in the renderer, is there any work around?
Im thinking along the lines of wipes.
I ve done it before by zooming in the renderer, but if there is another way that would be good!


i dont get your problem, u have a demo patch ?

For example…
If you use inverse transform, it pans the other way to the quads movement.
I want to be able to scale the texture and have it behave like this…


Texcoords.v4p (3.3 kB)

ok, i think there are two possibilities:

  1. use the rigth matrix from the EX9 Semantics an multiply with the tex-coords

  2. use 3 renderers, one for the texture, another for the mesh, and mask the texture with the mesh in the third renderer.

the first one is faster for sure, but you have to find the right matrix (or a combination of them).


Not sure I follow that, I’ll stick to zooming in the renderer, for the moment!
Cheers anyway