Testing pixel shader version?

I can t make the ShiftHSV shader to work on a couple of machine I have here (nvidia fx5200 and ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility), so I am wondering if the shader needs some specifici version. I remember there is a node that will check the shader version of the graphic card, but can t remember where it is or how it s named. Also what is the pixel shader version required by the ShiftHSV shader ?

Here is the link


The Pixel Shader version for that Shader is 2.a.

What is strange is that a FX5200 should handle PS 2.a like all the FX xxxx serie.
Nvidia names PS 2.a --> PS 2.0+.

Have you installed the latest dirver for FX serie ?

Your ATI handles only PS 2.0, so it is normal.

it seems like aso the ATI supports Pixel Shader 2.a

Ah fine ! Mostly for you ;)

So … I wonder if you’ve seen the Technique pin which is set to a kind of bypass technique ?

First one : Bypass
Second One : the ShiftHSV technique

But no way to make it work… I ve reinstalled dx .net and slimdx and even updated to the latest vvvv beta but no luck… apparentl nothing happens on the render… no errors either

I ve also noticed that while with the ATI I can see the original image, with the nvidia I can t see it,just a black screen. Also in the nvidia the Technique Valid pin is set to (2) : 0, while in the ATI machine is (2) : 1
That means that in the nvidia machine the shader is not even valid?

Yes I am fairly used to this Shader I use it a lot on my main machine (quadro nvs140m), now I am just preparing a couple of machine for an installation and nothing work…

On your computer with Nvidia try the Constant shader and Constant 2.0 shader included in vvvv, to see what happens !

This one works on the ATI, I am trying another cheap ATI video card I am laying around in the former nvidia machine

Well I ve just found out that what I thought it was a fx5200 is in reality a GeForce 4 MX 420… not quite the same …

Oh well 3 days before the exhibition I ve just found out that the 2 machines I intended to use they can t handle that shader…
the only way out I see here is to finally learn how to record a good render from my quadro machine and just play it over as a file stream on the other 2 machines…

I am going to get a replacement for the nvidia card. Now the Radeon 9700 sits on a laptop so no way to replace, the Constant and Constant2 shaders seems to work ok as well as the Sift shader and the GoochCutThrough shader, and the shader test give a positive feedback about PS2.0a. Yet the ShiftHSV shader doesn t work…
I am stuck there. any idea?

so ps 2.0 runs on your card? if you are sure of that, then you can optimize the shiftHSV code so that it has only 64 instructions, i think i did that once for the rgb2hsv conversion, i have to look for the code…

Awesome! Meanwhile I got a geforce6600 AGP from a friend and found out (didn t think about that before) that I can use the VGA and the DVI output to project on the 2 different installation.
If I can also have the spare laptop to deal with the ShiftHSV then I ll be completely back in track…
tx for the support