templateEX9 (DXLayerOutPluginBase) and /dx9ex don't work together

Hi VVVVriends,

i’m look for a way, to use DXLayerOutPluginBase with /dx9ex Shared Textures togeter.

If i load TemplateEX9 without /dx9ex all works.
It’s possible to create my own VertexBuffer(a very large one) and i can use device.DrawPrimitives or device.DrawIndexedPrimitives with Offset. So i can render only this Verticies i need, that improve the Performance and it’s not necessary to recreate the VertexBuffer every Frame or render every Vertex.

If i load TemplateEX9 with /dx9ex i see nothing.
I think my PlugIn try to create the Resources evey Frame.

So my Questions:

  • is there a workaround for using /dx9Ex and DXLayerOutPluginBase?

  • is there any other Way to get a dynamic TextureEX9 into my Plugin?

    • TextureIn Pin?
  • anybody try to use a Shader inside a PlugIn and render out directly to EX9 Layer??



hei nod,

actually the only thing you need to do to get this work is change “Pool.Managed” in line 103 to “Pool.Default”.

dx9ex just doesn’t support managed pool anylonger. i’ll add that info to the template, thanks for pointing it out.

this works.