Template for custom data types

i cant spot a template for using custom data types
is that something that’s still being redeveloped in plugin interface V2?

this should just work:

ISpread …

very nice!

IntPtr data type in one line :)!!!

is that ability new in 25?

no, its there since beta24…

it’s something i’m very interested in, but obviously quite ignorant of.
now i can only blame myself :)

ok, new thread post…

i tried:

public ISpread<Auth> FInputAuth;

which did not work ( namespace not found error CS0246

public ISpread<object> FInputAuth2;

did work but is not the custom dadatype i am looking for …

any ideas?

maybe Auth is not unique in all referenced dlls, try with full namespace declaration… also have a read here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/w7xf6dxs.aspx

I simply was not aware that i have to define the Datatype e.g.:

namespace VVVV.Nodes
public struct Auth
		public string Username;
		public string Pathword; 
public ISpread<Auth> FInputAuth;

did it …