Teensy or Enttec

Which controller to use to control the rgb tape on ws2812: teensy or enttek and how many diodes can be connected at the same time ?

This reminds me, I still have unreleased teensy code for driving WS2812. Interest never seemed high enough to warrant a realease, especially because it does not use DMX at all, but a better fitted network structure (8x32led chunks, no universes, just IPs).

Anyhow, with it I can stream rgb data for 4k individual LED at 60Hz over Ethernet.
And because the UDP nodes are much better then the RS232, use of more than one controller is easy.
Because the data is prepared within vvvv, it is possible to “record” to a binary file with the Writer node, and copy the file to a SD disc. If inserted to the Teensy, it will playback those files, in case the ethernet stream breaks up.

So yeah, Teensy!

But I guess an honest answer boils down to something like this:
If you have a weak spot for putting custom code on your device, or extend it arduino style with sensors and crazy shields, and pushing the hardware to the limit, Teensy is your friend. If you hate soldering and coding C, and are already worried when having to update your devices firmware, then ready-made Enttec et al are your better bet.

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may I suggest something from: http://www.advateklights.com/pixlite-control/ it is not too expensive, but can control lots of Pixels

Using gladiator and octows I was able to push 4800 ws2811 Leds on a single teensy b ( usb ) and with jinx. No luck on vvvv

what seemed to be the problem?

I would go for the Teensy + the octo library; technically, there’s no limit in how many leds you’re gonna adress. The more leds the lower your framerate will be. We used 3 Teensys in an POV-Display project.
The pipeline was as follows:
vvvv instance 1 (low fps), sending shared texture to
vvvv instance 2 (high fps), scanning the texture at display refresh speed, sending raw udp bytes via network to
RaspberryPi, which forwared the incoming udp stream bytes via the COM-ports to
3 Teensys, rewriting the array on the Teensy every frame. (could probably be done more efficient)

This way we could adress over 1400 individual LEDs @ 265 fps and more (almost to the theoretical limit)

The rs232 sender from within v4 worked fine for us (as i recall), we threw in the RasPi just for convenience (fewer but better cables) :)

@joreg well I will give it a try with the latest vvvv , the problem was the plugin intself, It work with less than 300 leds, more than that, it crashed, i need to double check again.
What was the maximun number of leds that this can handle?

128x8 iirc

@velcrome check out glediator and Jinx, I was able to drive 600x8 at 25-30 fps, No idea how they did it
Edit sorry 600 x 8 !, Only on teensy 3,2 / 3,3

what “plugin” are you referring to here?

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