Teensy 3.1 connection with RS232

Hello all!

I’m having some difficulties with RS232 data from my Teensy3.1.
My teensy is sending data packs of 512 values containing increment# and value. They are separated by a ‘space’.

So one loop cycle of my teensy gives me something like this:
0 value0
1 value1
2 value2

511 value511

Using AsString(Raw) after RS232 perfectly delivers me those pairs into vvvv.
Now I’d like to put them into a spread where valueXYZ is located at indexXYZ.

Could someone please kickstart my brain?

Depending on what you have: asvalue(raw) or asstring(raw). Queue them up or store them, even write and append them to a file.

Thanks for the input.
The reason I’m doing this is a capacitive sensing setup (like this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Touche-for-Arduino-Advanced-touch-sensing/).

I just realized that teensy’s touchpins are absolutely sufficient for my project. That makes the data transfer to vvvv a lot easier.
Thanks anyway!