Teapot/lobby still for download?

hi everyone,
i wondered if i can still download the teapot reflecting the meso lobby?

m…it seems we forgot it in the current download. i cannot find it among the girlpowers. and i dont have it with me right now to repost it here. anybody?

sure, from beta7.4:

thank you tonfilm…when i open the file everything is white though. can it be that the file texture meso.dss is missing? and what does the ending .dss mean?
thanks and regards

(can i still download beta 7.4/)

here it is (rar because zip was too big)

the .dss (directdrawsurface) format is directx’s own graphic file format for compressed textures and more. meso.dss contains the cubemap of the meso lobby that is reflected in the sphere/teapot