Teamplates for Visual Studio

Recently was working with Rhino making custom plugins
I already learned a lot with VVVV about VS/C#/Plugin world, so things went quite smoothly.

One thing that really helped getting started was an official plugin for Visual Studio (basically templates for making plugins). It gets you started really quickly

Is that in the pipeline for the VVVV/VL?


hei elliot,

the templates you clone from when starting a new plugin for vvvv as described here: dynamic plugins reference have always been standard .csproj files that you can open in visualstudio or any other c# editor as well, right? so apart from that what are you missing? for vl of course things will be even simpler…

to confirm
this is what i mean:

Do the dynamic plugins templates result in projects with:

  1. NuGet thingies / references
  2. Debug executable path
  3. Build path with correct directory structure (e.g. “…\nodes\plugins” or whatever is best)
  4. A directory structure suitable for both git and distribution

i think i saw @vux using something like that in one of the @microdee weekend workshops.

@velcrome - thanks for the tip

the advantage of using the official templates is that there’s some level of guarantee that you have the right starting point. whilst a user-contributed template is likely to cause issues when it comes out of date

obviously everything’s busy in the house right now, so no point in asking for anything outside the bandwidth of what’s possible :)

+1 that’s a good idea !