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Hi all!

i just started with vvvv and want to use it as a alternative to toggle video play over multiple machines.

So far so good, video works, i can send a toggle over TCP, but now im running into a problem i can’t resolve.

when i send the toggle on or off over TCP the receiving end just frantically changes between on or off and Ø . i cannot hold one value till another change comes.

help would me much appreciated.

try to use S+H (Animation)

thx for the reply, yes it worked.

also for some reasons, the problem does not exist with udp.

that it is working with udp for you is more of a fluke, than a given. In general it should also use a S+H, if you want a stable data point!

there is much more to networking than meets the eye, mainly because it is completely async.
it might behave differently, depending on your framerate, the framerate difference of sender and receiver, depending on the amount of the data sent, etc.

especially tcp is prone to confusion, because it is by definition stream-based, not package based. the TCP nodes are deceivingly simple, and tend to make it look like you are receiving the same data you are sending, but in fact you could just as well get half the data in one frame, and some more the next - that would be perfectly legal and valid output for the tcp node. That it usally works out is an accidental by-product when you have sender and receiver with a similar framerate (of eg 60Hz) which dictates, how often the tcp-stream is looked at.

speaking of the devil. in the second i restarted the patch the same error occured with the upd.

thanks for the explanation velcrome, now it makes much more sense.

NetReceive and NetSend are sufficient networking for 80% or more of the use cases or so.

In high performance networks (or crappy or mismanaged spiderwebs), vvvv-ZeroMQ usually outperforms.

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