Targeting directories only, not the files within them. Currently using getSlice


I was using dir, an IO(string) and getSlice to target video files from a directory and load/play them into a filestream. It worked.

I’m now trying to target specific directories of images so I can play them back as image sequences in a player.

I image it might be simple to target a directory and stop there, not go deeper and get into the specific files within. I’d like to call a slice that is not a file but a directory of a set of files but I’m new so maybe there’s a better way. I’m not able to find the right setting.

Please help and thanks. I’m grateful for a solution.

FileName (File Split)

I think the Subdir node is what you are looking for.

Thank you both. I’m going to try these and see. I was away this weekend.

this was indeed the answer and I thank you. Couldn’t have been easier, i was just unaware of this patch.