Tablets running vvvv?

thanks a lot guys for the precious info, we will check all the options you suggested
at the moment touch-osc looks like the best one as we don’t have to do any extra programming outside of vvvv, as we don’t use java script…

we don’t really want to use ipads, so it’s either android+touchosc/kontrolleur or win7+vvvv…

@gilbi so in touchosc it is possible to manipulate values and names of sliders/buttons by sending osc messages from vvvv to the android tablet, right?
yes for updating all the others we would use a vvvv patch to rebroadcast the messages to the other clients…
do you know the maximum number of tabs in a row?

many thanks for the help!

maybe surely i will say basic things, but I m more and more thinking of:

to be the main goal.

i would say that is FS or VVVV rather than OSCTouch or any OSC tool:

tablet being a server/client GUI frontend, it should be quiet easy to refresh different users pages ( supposing they are peculiar each one), from a VVVV master machine.

Layouting your FS tool, once patched in VVVV a GUI Builder is quiet easy, and enables, once canvas created to pilot many very personnal front end.

The only advantage of FS in front of VVVV version, is to use FS with IPad1 or Ipod / IPhone, more economic than brand new tablets, and on iPad 11 points.

The main avantage of VVVV version will be a GUI that will be more rich in visual effects and quickness. But this is also a question of budgets. AB talked about a good graphic Card, so i m a bit effrayed of what he is imagining as a GUI.

The other solution, is that someone make a FS version for Android, where tablet are really less prices. But there is still need to code primitive in FS

You seem to be java boy ( ;-) , using fs command, once created you can create objects sending data with their own comportement, without having the :
FS reads touch > VVVV read FS message > VVVV sends what to print for the slider.
If you have some time i would glady appreciate any help with java fs command !!!

cheers, christoph

if vvvv is your primary discipline and you use vvvv as much as possible in life/work then it clear to me a win7 tablet running vvvv is a good way to go in terms of future development.

Anything you do in vvvv seems to have endless branches that come from that. Maybe today you’re making a GUI for just you to tweak some values live at a gig. Then you might modify the same GUI so it is on a massive multi touch display. Then you might want the public to interact with it instead of you. Then you might want to make a stereoscopic version of the GUI and control it via a depth camera. Then you might… vvvv answers all these demands. Scalability is my favorite thing about vvvv. Vvvv is my least favorite thing about vvvv ;)

Also, the rate at which the tablets are developing you’ll soon be able to off load some processing of the controls before sending to the rendering machines. GPUs will catch up and we’ll see some really decent and rich 3D GUIs I’m sure.

Personally I don’t really see vvvv as the best option for creating a touch-screen interface, but that’s mostly based on my budget, needs, and desire for portability. You can buy 2 iPad’s for less than $900 and create very sophisticated interfaces. Then you can use the same exact interfaces with a few tweaks on iPhones and iPods.

I’ve only used TouchOSC on my iPhone. As far as I know TouchOSC on android is almost the same, but always a few steps behind as far as features go (it gets updates always after the iOS version)

In TouchOSC if you want a slider with a label, you have a slider and label. Then you can send a OSC message from vvvv to the label to change it. Simple as that. If you want to update the slider from vvvv, you send a OSC message to the slider. You can see something similar to this here:

… in the latest version of this patch/touchosc layout I do have a label on every single slider that changes automatically when you chose a new preset. But, I have not gotten around to uploading this latest version.

There is no rule of thumb, whenever you add a tab in TouchOSC all the tabs re-size evenly. So the maximum number you can add is dependent on how small you’re willing to go. At some point, the tabs will get so small they will become impossible to label and difficult to touch on the device.

I’ve been programming for far longer than I’ve been vvvv’ing. But, truthfully I have very little experience with JavaScript, fortunately you don’t need to know that much to make something useful. If you post any specific JS questions to this forum I’ll try my best to help out :)

update: touchOSC on Android sucks:

No importing of custom layouts
No multi-touch support
No support for resolutions higher than 320x480

what ever happened to the ajax method in the browser? i remember there were rich user controls for color, enum and other primitive vvvv data types- it just didn’t seem stable enough for live usage at nodeX.

maybe thats a way to go though?

*imho vvvv powered tablet much better then touch-osc if you have time to patch interface… since osc so far best way for such things, it would be not so complex re-make touch-osc layout to 4v patch… most crap touch-osc don’t have multitouch on XY pad dunno about android… And interface-maker still need’s some improvements… but well solid proof so…

Mrmr is more versatile than touch osc

Maybe dEp can give some advice about Control, he has been doing some coding for it. afaik, you can change/transmit interfaces over the network connection. Also, android support is coming.

that one rocks:
think vvvv’s multitouch capabilities more then good for any interfacing hehe ;] seems to be very affordable

Seems not so very affordable, but very nice to drool over. I think it is the first win tablet with 1G Nvidia GPU.

I would really like to get a tablet to use with VVVV, and I’m tempted to go ahead get the viewsonic one. But they do seem to be developing very quickly atm. Wondering if it’s worth holding off for a while. Would be nice but can certainly get by without one.

Hi vvvvforum,
I want to create a custom touch interface on a tablet to allow users to control the installation on a monitor. I know TouchOSC, Kontrolleur, ecc., but i think the best way is to running vvvv directly on a tablet device.

I read some thread about tablets running vvvv but all these are old discussions. What about new tablets with Win8? I saw MS Surface Pro, powerful but expensive. Which tablet did you succesfully tried? Do you have any suggestion?


surface’s are tested i think

Razer Edge Pro makes some powerful Win8 gaming tablets with Nvidia graphics:

it’s expensive and sold only in US and Canada!

…and these of any help?

Tested splashtop, performs really nice compared to all the vnc derivates.

iDisplay is another one: