Tablet touch screen, Multi Video player for Museum Projector - Help

With a lot of other peoples bits and bobs I made this.

The idea is we have x amount of videos on a computer, there is a main video looping, which says press a move on the tablet, The person selects movie it plays uninterupted the goes back to main loop.

I cant get the videos to go back to main menu video. and whats happening kids comin and press all the buttons so video just jump around when people are watching.

Can I lock them and how do I loop, everything else works great.

uploaded it, it has keyboard shortcuts and opens full screen.

so just alt enter to get out of fullscreen



Video Switcher(1).v4p (131.0 kB)

hi John swl

you could block the video playback until it finishes by its duration, see patch , or you can do even simpler by > and switch nodes.

BlockbyDuration.v4p (9.2 kB)

this is a classic scenario for using the Automata (Animation). see its helppatch for a start.

as well as: graphicalautomata


I tried a few time the Automata Helpfile with out success, is there a tutorial.

quote mindthegap


here are two patches showing a bit a simple Automata (which is just the FlipFlop). The first patch is more abstract, the second one plays the files and the main loop like John was asking.

Ok, its not exactly about the power of the Automata, but I think that soon there will be more about it in the /girlpower folder.


01_Automata_Simple-FlipFlop.v4p (23.3 kB)
02_Automata_Simple-FlipFlop-Example.v4p (28.4 kB)

thanks robotanton

Robotanton, thank you so much worked perfect.