Tablet doesn't work > 33.7 x86

Hi All,

the Tablet node is part of the addonpacks (for all versions), but unfortunately it doesn’t work from 33.7 x86.
I made some patch with it in earlier versions and I’d really like to continue the work with it.
I’d appreciate any hint, tip, etc. @moti by any chance… ?


cannot confirm. just tried and works with x86. can you be more specific? maybe upload your patch? make sure you got the right driver installed for your tablet?

i just tested with a wacom bamboo with latest drivers from here:

also there is another contribution you can try: tablet-(device-wintab1.4)-dynamicplugin-x64-and-x86. though for me it didn’t work quite well. it strangly returned randomly varying spreadcounts… but that could probably easily be fixed @kopffarben

i think the “random” spreadcount is because “get all events in a frame” :P

Thanks @joreg, you’re right, works only with x86. Actually this is my biggest problem :)
And I’ve just checked the “Missing in 64bit builds” in all versions and unfortunately “Tablet (Devices Wintab)” is in all the lists.

So, the right question is: is there someone who can help me out with a working x64 Tablet plugin without bugs or other glitchy effects :) please?

latest alphas have Tablet (Devices Wintab) included again that works when you install this wintab driver:

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