Tabbed renderers

when i duplicate a Renderer (EX9) that is in windowed mode, the render windows become tabbed. how do i separate them from one another?

alt click … but how to retab them?

alt click and drag onto another window

Not if they’re duplicated modules, eg preview
I vote for loosing tabbed renderers as I’ve never had a use for them and always had issues!
(and my cinema 4d camera used alt :( )

@cat: drop tabbed renderers= +1
i repatched your c4d camera for using “<” key

what cat said.

that’s what i’d been trying (this has been bugging me on and off for some years now!). but now it finally worked! always helps to ask in the forums, i see :)
it looks like you need to click between the tabs, rather than on the tab you’re trying to detach… no clue about how to re-tab the renderers. it also seems like you can tab a renderer window with a patch window!

also see: the user interface in detail#docking