Tab intersperse with Add (String) and Add (String Spectral)

Hello, I just tried with beta35.8_x64, on w10, to insert a tab (" ") as intersperse with Add (String) (Spectral version too).
Now, it’s not present in the enum, and copy\paste does not work: I get “abc”, instead of “a b c”.
I need " ", because a parser, I cannot fiddle with, requires it.
So how do I do it? Is it a bug? Is it UTF8 related (just tried with an UTF8 encoded file and it didn’t work)?

this just seems to work for me. can you share a patch that doesn’t?

alternatively this would do the same:

Ah, yes, the node returns the correct result, both ways; it’s instead the pin preview that it’s not showing the correct result: a minor inconsistency.
My bad, I should have tried a simpler scenario.

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