Systems specs


I have an old PC that i want to vvvv with, but i may have to upgrade it first.

It’s a Athlon 1.1 Ghz, 512MB, Win XP, GeForce MX440 (64MB).

I know the graphics card is laughable and I will change that to the best possible (but since the mobo only supports AGP4x i am considering upgrading that first). My question, will vvvv work on this setup (excluding the graphics card)?

What spec system do people find is acceptable?


give it a try. we did some spectacular things with machines like that. i´d say its a workable configuration but you wouldnt like to have really high spreadcounts or huge patches with it.

obviously the MX440 is a DX7 card which will give you neither pixel or vertex shaders. but i am sure it can draw an amazing number of textured polygons on the screen. so it depends.

thats good news. as far as the MX440 goes, you say i can get loads of textured polygons - what kinda nodes produces these - i have only found the ex9 nodes - that i guess only work on a dx9 card…?

Try It. My graphics chip on my Laptop is worse than your card.

If dx-rendering in beta10 doesn’t work, try 9.2 which is the newest one working even with my machine.

what kinda nodes produces these

Quad, Grid, Segment, Rope, Pillow, DrawFixed will do…

also some standard lightning effects have a fallback fixed function technique integrated. like kalle says: try it…