System info nodes bring short freezes

Dear Woei,

I think this question if for you.
I’m using the Processors (System) and the Info (System Device).
The patch freezes shortly 2 times:

  1. when it’s starting
  2. before something appears in the Renderer.

Is it possible to avoid these delays somehow?

Thank you!


StystemInfoNodesFreeze.v4p (5.2 kB)

hej robo,
Processors (System) isn’t mine.
however, the delay seems to be caused by Info (System Device), true. note, this is not a special type of delay it’s causing. if a patch loads a lot of stuff in the first frame, you get the same behaviour. tried with reading a 25mb file on open.
i’m not sure there is an reasonable way to speed up that node, as far as i remember it’s parsing wmi for all that info. good portion of the delay for sure also comes from writing to string pins. (sorry elias)
could rewrite the whole thing to run async, not sure how much sense it makes.

Hi Woei,

thank you for your answer! The Info (System Device) freezes a bit also when the ‘Update’ pin is banged. If you have time, it would be cool if you could rewrite the Info (System Device) to run async. We want to use it in the new About screen.

Hope it’s not too much work.

Thank you!


just checked…
seems like the wmi lookup to gather the info takes 0,1 sec on my system, while writing to the pins 1,7 secs.
so threading the method doesn’t really help, since the blocker is the string output pins.

Ähm if I simply put all the output of the Info node into a + (String) node and connect the resulting spread (in my case 101 slices) to the Template (String) node, the template node takes about 600µs -> 0,6ms. So I can’t quite believe the 1,7s it should take to fill the string pins?

callmenames.v4p (3.6 kB)

Info (System Device) retrieves its info async from now on