System error "Exception Processing Message 0xc00005 Unexpected Parameters"

I have win 11 and old vvvv beta with stable patch witch i use for video and sfx, and also i have standalone exe, compiled in vvvv gamma with light part of my setup, and aproximately one week ago i start to take this message.It freeze vvvv beta or gamma. What can I do to stop it?

i’m afraid this is not enough information to help you.
do you get more information if you run the vvvv gamma patch instead of the compiled .exe?

this is my patch but it is very scary it have a lot of dependencies with nugets such as elementa,audio, enttec and rabbit. And if i start it on other PC it kick off on the first…
23_31_30_001_06_20_23_000_20_19_28_000_dmx_union_4_dj_static_rabbit.vl (947.6 KB)

meanging you have beta running on PC1 and gamma on PC2 and as soon as gamma starts with this patch, PC1 shows the above error?

Nope, everything running on one PC, beta + gamma (exe exported from gamma in my case) and randomly system (win 11) show me message about error (000000x5) and one of the application is stopping to respond.

maybe this is the problem of my hardware, but other applications on system have no any errors at all, only vvvv.

maybe the trouble is in new with new paradigm of use audio engine which i have modified not so far from these days… I’m using Voice meter…

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