System.Drawings 2022.5 Preview missing signatures

2022.4.10 Stable:

2022.5 280 preview

It’s a bug, isn’t it?

the same situation with some other libraries
SkiaSharp —> SkBitmap seen only from stable but not from 2022.5 280 preview


Hey there,

Observing a similar behavior with RestSharp 106.15.0 in latest stable (4.10) when trying to create an Execute node :


@sebescudie related:

Usually in this situation it is enough to press the “ok” button

In both cases I wonder if it has anything to do with dotnet6. The System.Drawings could well be changing.

Seb, RestSharp’s case, were you using it with Gamma 4.2020 previously. It should packaged to support other Dotnet frameworks, but maybe if an old project is imported its remains linked to the older dll? I dunno, you’re probably already creating other nodes so it is strange.

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