Syntax highlight

hi all,

Is there a way to test a string for a specific syntax and get information like colors, italic and bold? I need to store this in control texture for something similar to the ASCII text shader.

can you specify that a bit more?

I use a monospace font in a grid, and bake the information about the glyphes into control textures for my shaders.


The source are random files with code inside, on which I would like to “apply” the appropriate syntax highlight. for each glyph, I want to know its color, and other font-related properties. And encode this into RGBA channels.


Ok I think I am looking for a wordlist. Can sb recommend one that is easy to work with? I searched for some time now, but I found nothing that is easy to work with. HLSL, DotNet and Java

Usually it’s called markdown but I doubt there is something supports it but html renderer…

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