Syncing videos on eyefinity boygroup setup


I am trying to sync video playback on 4 machines each with 3 displays connected. I wonder what would be the best way to do this with current version of vvvv. I see that there are Filestream (boygroup) and Filestream2 (boygroup) now and Sync does something similar what I coded myself awhile ago.

Apart from codecs headache I got the following problems:

  1. Filestream and Filestream2 don’t share textures in renderers on different displays. With /dx9ex I couldn’t get consistent behaviour either. Filestream (VLC) works fine.
  2. Filestream (VLC) got some weird errors when boygrouped. It resets playhead to 0 from time to time, though Position keeps going up.
  3. 3 displays joined in an eyefinity group always got vsync tearing effect on at least one of them. This has been discussed here earlier and seems that there’s no solution.
  4. If boygroup server is one of these machines with 3 displays joined in an eyefinity group 2 out of 3 tested PCs fail being the server. That’s strange, they can play content fine but every client connected doesn’t loop the video whatever I do. Having a dedicated server with only one monitor and not fullscreen render seems to work.

As for codec, I ended up with system default codecs and an MJPEG file encoded with PICVIDEO 4.
I got an AMD 6970 GPU and Win 7 64bit using 32bit vvvv.

Are there any solutions for the mentioned challenges? Maybe someone experienced in this kind of stuff can advise me something.


player(ex9.texture) is a new node that might help, you could send frame ids across all boygroups.
don’t know how it relates to sound playback thaw.

general pointer: video synchronization

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your described setup with an eyefinity group should not experience any such troubles since those use one device. and filestream->videotexture is a problem only on multi-device fullscreen setups. for those /dx9ex offers a sollution. so it is strange to hear that you’re facing such troubles at all in an eyefinity group…

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for specific machines not being able to run a boygroup-server i guess your mentioning of the eyefinity groups is not relevant, right? for a test try to disable all firewalls on servers and clients and try again.