Sync 3 pal videos


I have to play 3 pal videos, duration about 10 minutes. Is it possible to play these 3 video in sync with a actually PC and three graphic outputs, or should I merge these videos to one big video, 2268x576 pixel. what will be the best and easiest way.


helo gap,

if you have can make one >=2268x576 spanmode to go fullscreen to, i think the easiest would be using avisynth to merge your 3 files to one on the fly while playing via one [FileStream (DShow9](

hi joreg,

avisynth is a great idea.

one more question: is there a way to react to an external timecode. I think there is no start/stop in the timecode… v4 should only play the video from 00:01:00:00 to 00:11:00:00, there will be a few seconds forerun to sync it to an LED wall.
Should I start with the videosync patch to do this?

there is the MidiTimeCode (Devices) node. how ever you get the timecode in you should be able to patch what you want then. tonfilms videosync patch is a bit outdated. FileStream (DShow9) has new (hidden) pin called Adjust System Time which you can use to smoothly shift a streams time when you set the clock to “System”.