Switching wav file in waveplayer crashs v4


I have a problem with the waveplayer. when playing 5 parallel wav files in 5 channels simultaneously it works. when I switch to another 5 files v4 crashs. ( via string switch)

How can I realise this radioplay? is there a way to do this? or should I put each channel in one file and jump between the sequences?


you can either load all files of course, or try the filestream in vvvv.audio pack.

how can I preload audio files?

Can I play each file to defined channel with filestream?


I looked at vvvv.audio.pack! great!

I can switch perfect betweeen my files. Actually I have to understand the AudioMixer and the Channel Offset…


the MatrixMixer node can help you there. it can route input channels to certain output channels. check the help patch for details…

so great to enter a new space!

one, little working problem, when the Focusrite USB Card i can not play sounds. Allthough I can’t select another driver. Why couldn’t I change to my normal stereo card?

you need an ASIO driver to use VAudio, there is a generic asio driver that you can use for your onboard card: http://www.asio4all.com/

ok, I can create my playlist, switch between the files.

now I have to swtich the input channel to the soundchanels with the MatrixMixer. I would like to program this as a plugin, how can I generate an output pin for an IOBOX with Columns?

this question does no longer sound applicable to the forum topic. please start a new thread focusing on that new issue. also please try to rephrase “generate an output pin for an IOBOX with Columns?”, i’m not sure i get that right.