Switching Hap streams, FPS questions

Hi there,

I have a 3 channel video patch here where i’m trying to switch seamlessly between videos that are chosen randomly at timed intervals by the rest of my patch. To get around the dropped frames when a video is first opened i’ve made a system where each bang to display a new video is alternated between one of two HapReaders and then after a short delay to hide the opening I switch to that new texture stream.

The issue is I have three channels and most of the video is 4k, which means i’m reading 9 4k videos simultaneously. It seems like sometimes playback is slowly down, although the perfmeter seems locked at 25fps which is the framerate of the video. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to approach this issue in a more performant way? Some of the cuts are happening in relatively quick succession and i’m often struggling to visualize the flow of the logic, getting lost in too many sub-patches.

Secondary question is what is the relationship between the framerate on the MainLoop and the video fps? I’ve set it to 25fps to match the video frame rate, which I hadn’t done in previous iterations of this project - but now that i have all my timings for delays are too short as they were based on the video frame rate. I’m confused as to which parts of the patch timing are video fps dependent and which parts are running independently of that on the vvvv clock. Perhaps someone can help me understand?

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