Switching from Class to Process still considers Interfaces

Hey all,

Let’s say I have a Class used as a Process Node that implements ISomething. If I decide to convert that class to a “pure” Process Node and rename one of the pins that used to be part of the interface implementation, vvvv will complain that I’m not respecting that interface.

Is it intended? Because I would expect it to not care about interfaces and pin names at all after converting to a regular process node (the Interface section in the patch explorer is not even there anymore after converting to a Process).

See the attached repro patch :

  • Go inside the MyClass process node
  • From the Patch Explorer, make it become a Process
  • Change the name if the Foo Input pin
  • It will complain the pin name is not valid, even though there’s no mention of an interface anymore in the patch explorer

ClassToProcessInterface.vl (5.6 KB)

Thanks in advance!