Switch (Transform Advanced) [vux] allows invalid frame loops

hi folks,

please see the attached image.

it explaines the bug on the basis of the help patch when linking the output of the affected node as input to other nodes which occur earlier in the process sequence.

i think this should never be allowed for any other node than the framedelay, or at least not for this node!



it looks like there is a built in FrameDelay, I guess @vux can shed some light on the matter

We weren’t able to spot said internal FrameDelay … it’s old PluginInterface V1.

can confirm.

looking at this code seems like a time travel, but I concur here too, at least I cannot spot anything explicit that allows this to happen.

Looks like a bug in the connection handling code of plugins and therefor our fault. @gregsn has some work in progress regarding connection handling. We’ll keep you posted and thanks for the report.

sorry to say that this wasn’t related to the connection handler logic, but still our fault.
So this is still on our list. It is the transform output and its very special way it got introduced to the plugin interface. This needs some bigger cleanup. We’ll keep you posted.

Anyway: no framedelay involved. Just the connection should not be allowed.

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