Switch (String)

outputs NIL if one of the inputs receives NIL and the Switch pin is spreaded. outputs as expected if Switch pin is not spreaded.

i would say this not a bug but by design.

if the switch pin is not spreaded then the switch goes into antoher mode and copies the whole data from the chosen input.

however if the switch pin is spreaded then the node behaves like all the other nodes: when one pin is not receiving anything then the function cannot be computed.

imagine a switch with 2 inputs with input 1 getting a spread of strigs and input 2 holding no strings. when one of the switch pin slices now switches to this second pin then in this slice a “no string” should be placed in the output spread ?

what behaviour would you expect for that?

good point. i had at least expected the Switch to work while it was switched to ‘valid’ inputs in all slices of the switch pin spread. on second thought though, this kind of behavior would make any patch a living hell to debug.