Switch (Input) inconsistencies

hey ho,
i am trying to select from a set of three meshes using Switch (Node Input). i notice that with Switch (Value Input), if i have eg. 0, 1 (a spread of 2 elements) in the Switch, i get what i might expect: a spread of these inputs concatenated one after another (in the help patch, with those indices, that is 1.0 and the LFO value). now, if i do the same for a Switch (Node Input), i only get the input of the first index (follow me?).

is this intentional? what is the correct workaround for my situation?
please ask if i am being unclear!

I checked - looks like Switch (Node Input) not spreadable. You can see, that Switch accepting only first value of input spread. Seems like a bug for me.

i´ve been there


damn, did not find this thread when searching. but did you in fact manage to work around this with GetSlice (Node)? because i also thought of this possibility, but the problem for me is that i have three individual meshes, not a spread of three. there is no Cons (Node), so that’s where i got stuck (maybe i need to make this node…).