Switch/GetSlice for audio FileStream

Hello everyone, me again! I’d need to assign multiple audio files to a single FileStream, but I can’t seem to find the right kind of node. I only know of Switch and GetSlice, but between the two only GetSlice seems attachable to an openfile iobox. Problems is, how can I attach more than one file input to said GetSlice? Do I need to mess around with the inspector or something, or maybe create multiple FileStreams?
Basically I need a different audio to play for different pictures (these are selected through a normal Switch and filetexture, and I was thinking of using the same index or switch for the audio files).
Can anyone help me out? Thank you very much xx

Please read:




Hi @bjoern, thanks for your reply! I played around with Dir and found a way. One question about the Dir masks though, I couldn’t seem to get more than 9 different files from the selecred folder (numbers from 10 to 19 get selected whenever 1"." is used as mask), is there any way round it? Thanks

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