Switch control - enum / dropdown /


What is the most elegant way to control switch some intuitive interface so that I could switch between different values more easily and would know what each means?

How can this be done with enum or dropdown?

Is there any prefered way?

Thanks for help

Maybe it s me but I don t get the question, a patch is always a good option and “I want to do that” as well.

You want to make a Graphical User Interface, everytime you do something with the nodes in vvvv, the patch will freeze for a short while, making animation stutter. This is to make our patching experience smoother.

In the plugin pack there are some easy to use elements, like sliders and toggles. See the MTRotarySlider (2d GUI), MTSliderXY (2d GUI), MTSliderXY (2d GUI) and MTToggleButton (2d GUI) patches, done by Tonfilm. MT means multitouch, but they also work with mono touch ;)