Switch between video and texture patches


I want to make a simple mechanism in vvvv which would allow me to switch between playing different videos (as textures) and switching between different patches that generate textures.

What would be the best way to make that?

I don’t want to waste cpu with video playing and processing texture generation patches at the same time.

How can I switch between different patches that generate textures?

I’ve been thinking about putting each texture patch as a subpatch within my main patch.

How could this be done the most effectively?

Thanks for help

switch(node) is your friend.

also, if you want to dispatch texture without giving birth to a Noodle Patch ( i m talking about too much connexions), you will appreciate S(node) and R(node).

Sending texture in memory will help you in distribution. But be aware that multiple process on same texture ( filtering truth GPU) seems to be set on same monitor.

How can be done switching between different texture generators - without having them all the patch (I don’t want to have messy root patch) ?

Or is this the best practice to have 20 texture generators and 20 switch wires for this purpose? Will this use more cpu than having loaded 1 by 1 when neccessary?


Well you have ord2enum wich enables you to a getslice(node) of the texture sended with s(node) and received with. R(node)

Ord2enum is placed before the enumerztion iobox on the top of r node

But be carefull about ord2enum it was somehow buggy on complex patches in previous releases. Beta 26sounds really good so try it