Switch between to screens with time?


I’m new here on the website.

Now I’m testing the VVVV and I wanna make a switch between two video’s.

Short: I have two video’s that play on the same screen.
I make a switch between those screens so that I can play video 1 and 2 by using a button (IOBox).

Now I wanna make it that when I push the button video 2 begins to play. After a time it will stop playing and go back to video 1 that is still playing.

Does somebody know how I can do this?


hi johnsonW,

are the videos one up to the other?
do you wanna fade bitween the two videos?

the problem is that the filestream node doesn’t support spread.

you need to use two filestream node and videotexture and cons texture node to spread it into one quad and than to a render… after than just try use setalpha node in the quad node.

to loop a video use framedelay node and through that connect duration pin of the filestream node to the end time pin of the same node…

hope to be helpful



Thanks for this information.

But I’am trying but I don’t see how a need to couple this all.
Maybe i’m doing something wrong.

Can you just give me more specifications? If it is possible.


I have another question.
How can I do the next step.
Push the button to screen to. This also start A time (or something)
When the time is over it goes back to the first video.


Looks like a job for MONOFLOP :D

monoflop.v4p (11.7 kB)

This monoflop is amazing.

It work perfect. I never found it without your help.

Thanks very much!