Switch between directx renderer and flash?

please advise me, if i do something wrong or you know better solution.

my goal: switch between flash (swf) file and usual directX renderer.

my problems: flash has buttons, so i need any mouseXY-Click solution to control it. Flash plug form addonpack not working for me with win7 (latest activex installed), Renderer(Flash) seems has no XY inputs, but works with mouse natively.
but worst is GDITexture - it’s too heavy and super slow. no way to use it.

my solution:
create one more directx renderer for switch interface,
use Window(Windows)node to move flash or main directx renderer out of screen
hide system window borders for all renderers with ctrl-8. and set desktop color same to renderers background.

it looks nice for users, works fast and stable, but i dream, if there is better and easier solution for that??? forward thanks for advise