*.swf speed

does someone know how to change the speed of the flash file?
it sholul be done trought the action script, changing the frame rate of the clip, but i’m not wery gut with this so i need help… help, help!!!

…and maybe it could be done with gotoAndStop() action, hmmmm, then I could tell him to skip from frme to frame with speed that i chose (just brainstorming) and that’s what i need.

help anyway!!!


i chose to do it with gotoAndStop() action

i made a swf vith one movie clip (instance name —> mc) that has 40 frames and on eack frame is one pic (typoelements). im main timeline witch has only one frame i wrote this script:


it work when i run it (stops on 5th frame…)
then i try it in vvvv… i use the variable x, try to change the value and nothing…
am i doing it right, is the script ok?

maybe i have to use onEnterFrame action…? will try it and post the resoult
i’m realy not gut with action script…


did it!!!
in attachment is a patch, *.fla and *swf
did’nt have time to clean it up…
the script on 1st frame in main timeline:
(mc is the name of the movie clip instance)

mc.onEnterFrame = function(){