Swapdim for layers spreads

In order to reorganise some spreads of layer it could help to have a swapdim (Layers) node.


do you mean to do something like groupu(ex9 priority) can?

yes, but priorities pins don’t support spreads…


I have 2 differents spreads of quads > 2 differents spreads of layers.
If I connect the two spreads to a group (ex9 priority) I have only two options for the priority but i want to paint some quads from the second spread before some quads from the first.

you could permute anything which goes into the quad.

you are right but this solution include to add much more nodes and connections.
According to the patch it can be very complicated.

agreed, but you could put it into a subpatch…

all the pins of the quad
plus one for the getslice index.

won’t switching on renderers depthbuffer help you?

yep, basically thats what depth buffering for.
if we are talking about nontransparent objects you can easily work with the z coordinates of your objects. just switch on depth buffering, and the graphic card will show only the frontmost.

but if we are talking about transparent objects, the depth buffer will cause artifacts, because objects are not overdrawn but skipped. therefore it makes sense to change the drawing order at run time.

also performance is an issue when using depth buffering – it makes e.g. sense to draw big frontmost objects first, so that other objects behind can be skipped by the depth-buffer algorithm - this will save your pixel shader pipelines, as directx is supposed to be smart enough to skip these calculations if your object is completely obscured by a object more in the front.

My objects are transparents so I can’t use depth buffering.

Is it possible to have more realistic depth effect ? (stupid question but why not? )
Like a “don’t skip objects behind” option.
Does Directx plane to add this kind of algorythm?

“don’t skip objects behind” is what rendering without depth buffering does – but then you need to control drawing order again…

see Painters Algorithm and Depth Buffer on wikipedia. Steve Baker describes most of the problems here [http://www.sjbaker.org/steve/omniv/alpha_sorting.html](Painters Algorithm](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painter's_algorithm) and Depth Buffer on wikipedia. Steve Baker describes most of the problems here [http://www.sjbaker.org/steve/omniv/alpha_sorting.html) - most of the OpenGL slang can be translated to vvvv terms quite easy - its the same hardware…

thank you for the links.