SVGReader in conjunction with TransformSRT causes massive memory leak

Also the vvvv process sometimes keeps lingering when closing vvvv while the patch is running.

Tested with 5.0 preview-0588 and 2021.4.12.

To reproduce open attached patch and have a look at memory consumption in Taskmanager.
Removing SVGReader or TransformSRT will stop the leak.

MemLeak.7z (5.2 KB)

Sounds very much like Memory leak in SKIA drawSVG - #10 by schlonzo which we never figured out.

Thanks, I guess we’ll have to use images then.

Just stumbled upon this issue which seems kind of related:

OT: Also, judging from the number of unaddressed issues on github I don’t think skiasharp is a safe bet for the future.

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