Svg worldmap onto globe

what would it take to project a worldmap svg onto a globe so that is stays resolution-independent/zoomable ?

can you do a reference of how this svg looks like
anyways there is not much good news concerning this topic

it would need to project svg layers at different scales with pixelprecise lines, not via textures.
is this something for directx ?

well there an sdf approach similar to this link
you also can convert svg to 3d model, and switch models depending on distance…
this two approaches yet only i came with to make it look like vector…
there is also texture approach when you blend textures depending on zoom level

i would try with converting svg to mesh first i think this is most convenient way in your case …

yes, i also think that svg to mesh is a good idea…

and for a clean representation of a mesh subobject’s contour, with controllable line width, is there something in dx11 ?

you might look on to this one
also this possible to extend

both examples distort line width over perspective
is there no directx way to draw wireframes with projection-independent custom pixel-widths (aka clean scalable maps) ?

yea i remember i had it somewhere i’ll take a look…

cool thanks

hey, i did a few tests, not much fancy just work in progress…
there are some simpler ways to get standard line thicker just spread the wireframe shader with 1px offset… (7.5 kB)

after some struggle there are ways to make line width in pixels

GS_OffsetPixel.rar (2.9 kB)

thank you for the options,
i got distracted with other work but will try to implement one of them, quad stripe looks most fitting now